Release notes for the Jira DC / Server version of the app.


Biggest release in a while, bringing most of the functionality of the app for Jira Cloud to Jira Server & DC!

As Cloud & On-Premise now have a very similar feature set, we’ll unify our release notes. Please check the following page from now on: Jira release notes



  • Chatting with external participants is now supported (see docs: Chat with external & guests )

  • Configure which notifications about issue updates are posted to Jira (see notification settings)

  • Chat sharing: Other users can see & join chats even if they are not a participant of the chat

  • Multiple chats per issue are now supported

  • Meeting chats (scheduled via the meetings app) are now shown in the Jira issue

  • Manually backup chats/conversations to the Jira issue for audit purposes (Automation coming soon)

  • Support for adding users to chats from Jira

  • Support for sending images in Teams messages

  • Reworked UI to make it more clear when more than one chat/conversation is available

  • Customize issue card that is posted to Microsoft Teams


  • New “Send email” dialog to allow sending emails from Jira

  • Emails & follow-up conversations will be shown in Jira if shared from Outlook (needs Outlook add-in update later this week


  • Improved connectivity setup & allow secret rotation

  • Meetings now available in German

  • Project-scoped settings are now available for some features

  • Features (Email, Meeting, Teams) can now be enabled by project admins in the project settings menu

Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed that the app sometimes would be disabled after a Jira restart



  • Fixed a bug preventing Teams channels from loading in the “New conversation” dialog in Jira

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent loading of meeting availabilities in some scenarios



  • Fixed that installation on Jira Server / Data Center systems with OpenJDK9+ would fail

  • Fixed that Jira index would not correctly index issues when M365 for Jira + one of our other apps was installed in parallel

  • Fixed that Outlook add-in user default settings would not save correctly



  • Fixed a regression, when using the Outlook add-in with Exchange, attachment uploads via Jira would fail


Initial release