Additionally to the global settings, there are settings for each project. These can be accessed via the project settings → Outlook Meetings/Meetings settings. Project administrators can configure the following options.

User role / Issue fields settings

Define which issue fields should be used to determine the users shown in the availabilities section. You can also specify if those users should be appear in the “required / mandatory” section. Text and label custom fields are also supported (besides user fields), to allow the use of non-Jira, but Office 365 users. We expect the text or label fields to contain valid email addresses.

Field Type

Supported Format

Single User Picker

Single user

Multi User Picker

Multiple users

Text Field

  • Single email address

  • Multiple email addresses, separated by a semicolon

Label Field

One or more email addresses, each a separate label

By default we use:

  • For Servicedesk projects: Reporter mandatory and additional participants optional

  • For all other projects: Reporter and Assignee mandatory

Number of suggestions

This setting will simply adjust the number of suggestion boxes shown in the “Outlook Availabilities” section.


Teams channel id

In case you’d like to add all meetings that are scheduled in this project to be posted to a Teams channel. To find the correct channel id, open Microsoft Teams in your browser:

Then, go to the channel you want to use, and copy the channel id from your browser URL:

In this case, the channel id would be:

Enter this id in the corresponding field in the project settings - done!