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Use templates (globally / project-specific) to prepare content for chats, meetings and emails.

1. Overview

The below demo video shows an exemplary set-up of an email template (globally).
Templates are all set-up the same way in Microsoft 365. So if you can do emails, you can also set-up chats and meeting templates! 👏

Facts & Benefits

  • Fact: add global or project specific templates to

    • e.g. quickly send standardized Outlook emails

    • e.g. prepare meetings information (when scheduling a meeting)

    • e.g. and set-up preconfigured Teams chats (content) from within Jira (especially useful in JSM projects)

  • Benefit: Templates are set-up the same way for emails, chats and meetings

  • Create templates either globally for all Jira projects or only for specific ones

  • Benefit: Save time by simply choosing a suitable template when working in your Jira issue

  • Templates can be always edited / changed before using and sending them.

  • Benefit: especially for Jira Service Agents working with Jira Service Management and Microsoft 365 this is a neat feature. It allows for efficient communication without typing the same message repeatedly.

2. Create a template

Jira admin settings (globally)

Option A: Go to your Jira admin settings → Click on “Templates”.

You get an overview of all templates created for emails, chats and meetings. Create a new one here, as well.

Project specific settings

Option B: Set-up templates in your Jira project.

Go to your project settings → Click on “Microsoft 365 Templates”.

Set-up a template

Fill in the fields and get a preview of the content when selecting an issue. Change content details, if necessary.

Insert issue details* relevant to the email, chat or meeting.

Tip: Use emojis to better differentiate between the templates later in the overview 😉 (see below)

Choose a template/default

After saving and publishing the template, you can choose among all templates created - even those created globally.

Set a default template for your users. They can change it in their issue later, if required.

Jira issue view

Users now can get an accurate email, meetings or chat template when working in their Jira issue.

Choose among the drop down to use another template, if needed.

Smart values, functions and examples

* You can access all custom fields and insert these values in the body and subject.

🚀 If you like to dig deeper feel free to learn more about smart values, functions and examples.

Heads up

Configuring templates is a general feature we offer in Jira. The set-up of a template is all the same for emails, meetings and chats, thus, we do not offer specific documentation for each option.

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