Add global and project-specific templates to quickly send standardized Outlook emails from within Jira.

  • set up templates globally or for a specific Jira project

  • use individual templates in your email editor in Jira

  • you are still able to edit the text in the email editor or you can send it right away

This is a neat feature for service agents working with Jira Service Management and Microsoft 365. It makes communication more efficient, as you avoid typing the same emails repeatedly. You can also use email templates in your regular Jira projects. This video gives you an idea on how to set up a template and how to use it.


Create templates

Add new templates

  • In the admin (or project admin) menu, click on “Templates” (“Microsoft 365 Templates”) in the sidebar

  • To create a new template, click on “Create” and choose “Email”

  • Give your template a name and add a detailed description

  • Add a subject as well as the email body with the native Jira editor

  • We provide you with certain issue details you can simply add to your template

Insert any additional Jira issue field with the shown handlebars syntax in the email body and subject.

If you like to dig deeper feel free to learn more about smart values and functions.

Additionally you can select emojis for your template to categorize it.

The new template is now active.

You can use it in your email editor in the Jira ticket.

Customize your default email template

You can choose which template will be applied automatically when opening the “Send email” dialog by selecting it as the default template.

This can be configured globally but you may choose to select different default templates for projects.

You can still pick a different template when sending an email.

Use your email templates

In the Jira issue, click on “Send email” and choose a template via the button.

The template overwrites subject and email body.

You can edit the text of the email or sent the template right away.