Feature overview


Open Microsoft To Do right in the Jira issue to add personal tasks; they will be pushed to your Microsoft To Do list instantly.


  • With the old Jira issue view → Click on the icon at the top your issue (it is visible by default)

  • With the new Jira issue view → Click on the “My task” section in your Jira issue

  • Log in if required with your Microsoft 365 account first → Approve access to your To Do list

  • Start creating / adding new tasks to your Jira issue

  • You are also able to re-order, complete and change the title of the task right from the issue!

Feature requirements

In order to schedule meetings from within Jira, the following set-up and configuration needs to done:

  • Step 1: Activate the To Do feature in the admin settings JIRA ADMIN TO DO

  • Step 2: Log in with MS 365 account (when using the feature for the first time) USER TO DO

  • Step 3: Set-up the app (simple vs. advanced mode) USER TO DO

Jira & Microsoft deployment

  • Jira Cloud only!

  • Microsoft 365 (To Do sync requires MS 365 log-in)