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About the app

Learn more about Outlook Calendars for Confluence and get some basic background information about its features and benefits for your everyday work. Follow our next steps to get started quickly.

If you are new to our product, make sure you watch our short demo video to get to know our app’s potential for your everyday work.

🧐 Reason why

You’re wondering why you should use Outlook Calendars for Confluence instead of other calendaring apps? Here’s why:

📂 Use data you already have

Why build another information silo with calendar data outside your existing infrastructure? With Outlook Calendars for Confluence you’re using your Microsoft 365 base - the one and only place for your calendar data.

Keep the data flowing

No one wants a clumsy sync, when you can have real-time data instead. By using your Microsoft 365 calendars, all events are shown instantly. No Outlook plugin needed.

🤝 Share all your calendars in one place

Complex calendar permissions are a struggle. With Outlook Calendars for Confluence you can manage calendar permissions easily yourself. Choose who can see or edit the corresponding calendars, even for new teammates or external users.

More information:

💻 Technical details

Outlook Calendars for Confluence works on Confluence Cloud, Server and Data Center and requires a Microsoft 365 subscription (work or school account).

Of course, calendars in Confluence are a necessity in our everyday working lives. That is why we provide our app for all Confluence customers: Standard & Premium!

You need more information on the technical details of the app? You find them here.

👍 Main features

Use the power of calendars in your Confluence

Use Outlook calendars as a fast, powerful, and secure way to work with calendars in Confluence. Benefit from real-time data from Microsoft 365, no sync is needed. Add new project meetings directly in Confluence.

One place for all your team’s work

Different calendar layouts fit to your use case on Confluence spaces or pages. Simply use the templates that provide default settings. Choose who can see or edit the team calendars in Confluence.

Work with your Jira dates in Confluence

Connect your Outlook Calendars in Confluence with Jira for insights into project progress. View all your releases at once, or any single custom date field. View detailed information with a click.

You want to deep dive into all of our features? Learn more.

🚀 Next steps

  • You’re interested and ready to install our app? Great, let’s go: Getting started

  • You already installed our app and now you’re ready to dive in? Follow us: How-to’s

  • You’re already using an older version of Outlook Calendars for Confluence and want to learn about the differences? No problem: What’s new

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