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Share Conversation/Mail

Only available for Jira Cloud and Microsoft 365 (Office 365)

You can share a conversation or mail even with people who do not have access to your inbox in Outlook. Below we will explain how to share a conversation or mail and what the implications are for the users.

A shared conversation or mail is bound to your login, so other users will see it just like you would. When you decide to log out, it might break the visibility for other users of Jira.

Share a conversation

To share a conversation you simply create an issue as you are used to, see Create new issues. Make sure you have selected the “conversation”-Sharing Option, see Sharing Options, otherwise only this specific mail will be shared.

Related Emails

In the “Related Emails” web panel you can then see all mails shared to this issue (see Related Emails )

Further information as well as the technical reference on shared office items can be found here:

Share Office Items

Detailed explanation of the possible sharing options can be found here:

Sharing Options

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