The add-in sidebar shows you issues related to your current email with a detailed overview and lets you add comments. You can also see information on the sender as well as previous issues.


The sidebar is available for all our users (yes, even on Outlook 2010). The sidebar allows you to quickly look up the status of linked Jira issues and to update them from Outlook.

How to find the sidebar

For Opening the sidebar, click in the ribbon on the button view issues.

If you work with our add-in more often you can also open the sidebar constantly and pin it.

Issue overview

The issue sidebar can show issues based on the current email conversation or based on the sender. All issues shown in the sidebar give you the most important information at a glance. It shows you the current status, the issue type, if you are the assignee of this issue and if you watch it.

Conversation issues

Issues for the current conversation are selected by multiple criteria:

  • Previously created issues based one of the emails in the conversation

  • Added an email to an existing issue

  • Link to a Jira issue within the body

  • Mentioned issue keys in subject or body

Conversation issues are the same for every user. If a mail is send to multiple recipients, they all will be able to see if there are related issues in Jira.

Email conversations are defined by Outlook. Most often it is a conversation if users are using Reply/Forward on the email.

Sender issues

To determine the sender issues, the add-in uses the email address of the sender and searches for it in Jira. It is limited to the last 5 modified issues.

No issues found

If the sidebar could not find any issues and remains empty, you can create an issue easily from the sidebar with the create new issue button or you can use the ribbon.

Available quick actions

The add-in will not replace the full Jira UI but it gives you the most important actions for your daily work in Outlook.

Even without open the issue in your sidebar you can use the three dots menu to trigger the actions in Jira or in Outlook.

Additionally you can click on the status indicator to change it.

If you need more information you can click on the issue and it opens in the sidebar with all details, comments and files.

You can also easily upload new images or emails with drag & drop on the issue overview and it will automatically save them in the files area.

Issue details

Clicking on any issue will open it in the sidebar.

Here you can see all the issue information and you can change them, if they are changeable in Jira.

Right now only the most important fields are shown in the details. It is on the roadmap to make this customizable.

Below the details, the add-in might show the linked issues and the description.

Comments and Files are shown on different tabs for an easier overview.

Write a comment

On the comment tab you can see all existing comments and add a new one. It provides a full graphical editor and you can also mention other users to get their attention.

Upload files on the issue

On the files tab you can see and download all existing attachments on the issue.
For images, it will automatically create a thumbnail to make it easy to find the right attachment.

You can also easily upload new images or mails with drag & drop.

(lightbulb) Get more info on uploading attachments here