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Application settings

Application settings directly changes the features of the app.

Where to find the them

  • The application settings can be found directly within the app.

  • Open your Outlook inbox → Select an email → Click on our “Jira for Outlook” integration → Select either “Create issue” or “Add to issue”

  • A dialogue opens → Select the wheel in the top right hand corner → Settings menu opens

General Settings

Overall settings for the whole app


  • The language of the app, by default it is the Office language.

  • If the app does not support your Office language, it will fall back to English.

  • At the moment English, German and French are available.

Record screen

Do not use unless advised by the support team.

  • It will create and send a screen recording including the data to us, so we can track down a bug.

Issue Dialogue Settings

These settings only apply to the Create Issue and Add to Issue dialogues.


Content of description field

  • When creating an issue, what should be filled into the description?

Content of Jira comment

  • When adding to an issue, what should be filled into the comment?

Disable WYSIWYG Editor and use markup instead:

  • Toggles whether you can use the Rich Text Editor or prefer writing markup. For this to take effect you need to reopen our Add-In.

Add Mail Information to description:

  • Should the mail information (from, to, cc) be added to the description. Further you can choose if attachments and subjects should be included in these mail information.


Select all attachments by default:

  • Determines if email attachments are preselected by default or not. You can still deselect them each time.

Select/upload email(.msg) by default:

  • Determines if the whole email as a file is preselected by default. You can still deselect this each time.


Preselect last used project and issue type:

  • The app remembers your last used project and issue type and directly starts with that selection. Speeds up the create issue flow especially if you are using mostly the same project.

Show Portal fields in Service Desk:

  • Toggles whether issues for a Service Desk project should show the agent view or the user portal fields.

Show success screen after creating an issue (Office Add-In only):

  • Toggles whether the dialog should directly close after creating an issue or you will be given a success screen giving you the opportunity to view the created issue in Jira.

Technical settings


When using the COM add-in, you can find additional technical settings in your Outlook menu on the button FileJira.

Usually you don’t need them but it can help to connect in more complex Jira environments (non-default proxy settings, certificates, self-signed SSL).

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