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Emails: See & send emails from within Jira

Feature overview

Share, read and send emails or whole email conversations in your Jira issue. Enable your team to access Outlook information and stay in the loop: future replies will be automatically shown in Jira, too.

This feature is not available for Outlook exchange on-premise hostings.
However, in this environments you can use our Outlook add-in to use the Outlook features.


Start a new email

You can start a new email via the following options:

A. Send Mail action button (most common way)

To send a new email from within Jira you can do so via our “Send Mail” action button right in your Jira issue (upper bar).

B. Share Email action button

Alternatively, you can open the menu in your Jira issue (right hand corner) and start a new email right there (see issue sidebar).

C. Related emails panel area

Usually, when opening the issue, the related emails panel will appear automatically. If hided, you can open the panel via the menu. If there are not emails shared until then, you can start a new email conversation if desired via the “Send an email” button.

  • By clicking on a button → a new window / dialogue opens → Compose an email just like you would in Outlook (it is actually the same interface you’re used to)

  • You can CC colleagues and add issue details, too.

  • Before sending the email → Choose from the sharing options just like in Outlook
    (see Send & share emails)

  • Schedule Send / “Send later”: You can choose to delay the sending of the email to a certain time.

  • Send “on behalf of” or alias: Choose an email address (e.g. shared mailbox) in the “From” field. This works just like the “From” field in Outlook and relies on the same permissions. You can also configure “From” options centrally in the global app settings “Email settings” → “Send Email Settings” and on a project level in the “Outlook Email” project settings. On project level you can set a mailbox as default, so it will be filled automatically. This might be handy for shared mailbox use-cases.

  • For Jira Service Management projects only: Add recipients as “request participants”: You can choose whether you would like to add the recipients of an email (to, cc) as request participants for existing users or create new customer users if necessary (screenshot below)

  • When finished → Click on “Send”.

See issue-related emails

  • Right after sending out the email → Jira will refresh automatically → the email will appear in the “related emails panel” in your issue

Answer back on emails

  • If the whole email conversation was shared, previous emails in the conversation as well as new replies will be visible in the issue.

  • Otherwise only the original email will be shown.

  • You can take certain actions on a related email, depending, if you are a recipient (To or CC):

Reply all: Reply to all involved persons in the email conversation.

Reply: Only available, if you are a recipient of the email.

Open in Outlook: Only available, if you are a recipient of the email.

Unlink: Only available, if you are a recipient of the email.

Feature requirements

In order to send emails from within Jira, the following set-up and configuration needs to done:

Step 1: Activate email feature in the admin settings JIRA ADMIN TO DO

The installation of the Outlook add-in is not required.

Jira & Microsoft deployment

  • Jira Cloud, Jira Server (Server needs to be publicly available)

  • Microsoft 365 (the sharing feature requires MS 365 log-in)

Further information as well as the technical reference on shared office items can be found here:

Sharing access to Microsoft 365 items

Detailed explanation of the possible sharing options can be found here:

Share Conversation/Email | Sharing-options

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