Welcome to Microsoft 365 for Jira!

Microsoft 365 for Jira is your full-scale integration connecting Jira with your Office tools. Whether you want to learn more about its features or need technical information - you found the right place.

Main features

Power-up your Jira issue with Outlook and Teams

Add the functionality of Microsoft 365 to your Jira issue: Work with issue-related Outlook emails, start a Microsoft Teams chat or channel conversation or easily schedule a meeting.

Use Jira features in your Microsoft 365 tools

Access all relevant Jira features with add-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Teams.

Create new issues from emails or Microsoft Teams conversations – and access Jira issue information in your Office tools.

Speed-up ticketing in Jira Service Management

Bundle incoming tickets from Outlook or Microsoft Teams in Jira.

Schedule meetings with your customers or open a Teams chat within the issue. Add your JSM portal to Teams for easy ticketing (Jira Service Management only).

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Use cases

Microsoft 365 for Jira works for plenty use cases and teams.
To get you a glimpse in what it can do for you, watch our demo videos for:

IT project management

How teams can work smarter together with Microsoft 365 for Jira by deeply connecting Jira with Microsoft Teams, Outlook and To Do (video shows features based on a Jira Cloud subscription).

Jira Service Management

Accelerate your IT support! By adding Microsoft Teams and Outlook to your workflows, you can resolve tickets more efficiently and document all communication in your Jira issues - with Microsoft 365 for Jira (video shows features based on a Jira Cloud subscription).

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