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Deployment Microsoft Teams app

In certain environments, installing the Teams app might not be possible, not even by the team owner.

There are three ways to enable the app anyway, though an approval of a Microsoft Teams administrator will be required.

Option 1: Allow team owners to install apps by themselves


This is the option Microsoft recommends. This option is active by default.

AzureAD portal

Permit app installation by going to: AzureID Portal User Settings

And allow team owners to install apps by themselves.

MS Teams admin center

Go to app permission policies.

Choose the policy that is assigned to your Jira users in Teams (if you just have the global one, choose this.) Click on it …

MS Teams admin center

…. and allow the installation of 3rd party apps by the applicable app permission policy (or just allow the installation for our Microsoft Teams - Smart Connect for Jira app.) in the next step.

πŸš€ The MS teams owner can now install our Smart Connect app in their team.

Please note: It may take up to 24 hours for the app to be visible for users in Teams.

Option 2: Install the app for certain teams manually


If non of the above works, Microsoft Teams administrators can also add apps on an individual basis.

MS Teams admin center

Go to your MS Teams admin center β†’ manage apps.

Search for our app β†’ Select it β†’ β€œAdd to team”.

πŸ‘ There is nothing more to do for the MS teams owner.

In case the app is not allowed by default, it might also be necessary to allow the app first (see above).

Option 3: Choose the app to be installed for all/certain users by default

Screenshot 2024-02-22 131603-20240222-121603.png

MS Teams admin center

Go to Setup policies β†’ choose the relevant policy β†’ add apps and add Smart Connect for Jira.

Below you can also decide to pin the app at the side bar.

However, you still need to install the app in a Team if you want to use it there (see step 2)

Heads up

In case you see this error below, it usually works and the app should be installed. There currently seems to be a bug on the Microsoft side regarding this.

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