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Disable the automatic updater

This guide applies only to the COM add-in.
The modern Office add-in is always up to date.

We only recommend to disable the updater when using the add-in with a software distribution tool (e.g. SCCM), so you still have control about updates.

Per User Installation

By default, the COM add-in installs for the current user only. This way there are no admin rights required and the automatic update is enabled by default.

It can be turned off by the admin using the dataStore.json configuration file in folder:


When using a clean install, you can use the following file and put it into the data folder.


When you want to modify existing installations, simply edit the existing dataStore.json

  "updateChannel": "default",
  "updateDisabled": true,
  //All other existing values

Per machine installation

The add-in also provide a per-machine installer. It installs centrally into Program Files, requires Admin permissions to install and is available for every user.

Most often it is used for central deployments like Citrix environments.

Per Machine installers have the updater disabled by default - every update needs to be done manually by installing the latest version with the setup file.

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