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Web View Configuration

This only applies to the COM add-in.
The Office add-in does not allow to configure which web view should be used.

Our Outlook Email for Jira add-in uses a web view for most of it’s UI, as most of the code of the COM add-in is shared with the Office add-in.

For the Office add-in (installed from AppSource), Microsoft already determines the best web view for you (depending on Windows version & Office version).

For the COM add-in however, by default we use the installed version of Internet Explorer 11, since we experienced issues with Microsoft Edge with some customers. You can however, if supported by your version of Windows, enable the Edge WebView manually. This has the benefit of improved performance and much smoother rendering.

Microsoft Edge web view (legacy) requirements

  • Windows 10 (at least 1803)

  • Administrative rights when installing the add-in

Microsoft Edge web view requirements

  • Microsoft Edge Web View runtime needs to be installed: Download here

Activate Edge web view

If these requirements are met, you should be able to activate the Edge web view via the technical settings in Outlook. The setting will be active immediately.

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