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Link MS Teams messages to Jira issues

Feature overview

You can link any Microsoft Teams channel conversation to your Jira issue - even if the conversation already exists. This way you´ll have all information right where you need it – now or later.


Only MS Teams channel conversations can be linked to existing Jira issue (no MS Teams chats!)

  • Select a channel conversation → Click on the menu dots → Choose “more actions” → Link to Jira issue
    (see screenshot above)

  • A dialogue opens → Fill in the required fields → Link (to issue)

Link conversation

  • Select the “link conversation” checkbox → Message will be linked to Jira issue

  • Advantage: The whole message thread will be visible in Jira!

Channel & Issues

  • Select “Notify channel & issue watchers”, if you like them to be notified about the linkage

  • Select “Don’t send notifications”, if an information about the linkage is unnecessary.

Feature requirements

In order to link any MS Teams conversations to an existing Jira issue, the following set-up and configuration needs to done:

Jira & Microsoft deployment

  • Jira Cloud, Jira Server & Data Center (Server needs to be publicly available)

  • Microsoft 365 & MS Exchange

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