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Meetings: Availabilities & Meetings

Feature overview

Schedule Outlook or Microsoft Teams meetings and send calendar invites right in your Jira issue.


  • Access the meetings feature either at the top of your issue or in the issue sidebar → Click on the icon → a new dialogue opens.

  • The best: our app shows the calendar availabilities of all users involved with the issue and suggests meeting times based on their Outlook calendar (availabilities)

  • Select the most suitable “meeting time suggestion” → Choose (additional) attendees → Include a Teams meeting (if required) → Add comments to the meeting → Make it a Jira comment

  • When finished → Click on “Send meeting”.

  • After sending the invite → Jira refreshes automatically → the scheduled meeting is visible in an “Outlook Meetings” panel

  • Join the meeting by clicking on the link in the issue

  • The information is now visible for everyone involved in the issue. A separate Outlook meeting invitation is sent out to all participants, as well.

  • Chats from meetings scheduled via the app and held in Microsoft Teams are shown in the Jira issue (see Microsoft Teams: Start a chat in Jira )

Involved persons

The first section shows the current availability of the persons/users involved with this Jira issue. Persons with large avatars indicate a required person (see below).
Clicking an avatar will bring up a menu which will let you schedule a meeting with just this person or send a Microsoft Teams message.

Meeting suggestions

Meeting suggestions are automatically determined on multiple factors and consider:

  • Outlook calendar entries

  • Timezones of all users

  • Configured working hours of the person

You'll get two kind of suggestions:

  • The first meeting time that works for you and all required participants (all "large" avatars)

  • The second one that works for everyone involved (all persons listed under "Involved Persons")

To schedule a meeting, just click on the time and it will open the Schedule Meeting dialog (see picture 1).
To configure the number of visible suggestions, please see the 📁 Project-Specific Configuration.

Call someone directly from an Jira issue

  • Access the meetings feature in the issue sidebar by clicking on "People and meetings

  • Now you can see all involved people from that issue and their calendar availabilities

  • To call one of them, click on the little arrow next to the avatar

  • Choose “Call via Teams” in the drop down menu to start a call with a single user.

Feature requirements

In order to schedule meetings from within Jira, the following set-up and configuration needs to done:

Jira & Microsoft deployment

  • Jira Cloud, Jira Server & Data Center

  • Microsoft 365 (calendar sync requires MS 365 log-in)

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