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MS Teams: Channel notification settings

When activating the Teams feature in Microsoft 365 for Jira, you can now globally define when you and your team should be notified about any linked issue changes in Microsoft Teams via our Jira bot.

This setting can only be changed by the Jira admin and applies for all Jira projects (globally).

These settings apply for channel conversations. For chat notifications, please check out the “Chat notifications” section of Microsoft Teams: Start a chat in Jira

Get always notified

In the Teams settings, the notifications for linked issues are all activated by default. This means, whenever there are changes made to the linked issue in Jira, the Jira bot will inform you about them in Microsoft Teams.

Get specifically notified

Of course, you can change the settings to your needs on a global basis. Thus, you can untoggle specific options to only be specifically notified in Microsoft Teams (and to reduce an information overload).

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