Release notes for Microsoft Teams for Jira - Smart Connect.

New features

  • Sprint field is now supported when creating issues from Teams

  • Chat sharing: You can now allow other Jira users to join a chat on their own

  • Choose if a notification comment with the link to the Teams chat/conversation is added

  • JSM portal: Search does now included searching for request type as well (like the official portal does)


  • Fixed: Unlinking a conversation did not work

  • Fixed: Images in shared chats would not load correctly

  • Fixed: Appearance settings could not be changed

New features

  • It's now supported to upload files in the JSM portal in Teams for existing requests


  • Much improved performance of the JSM portal in Teams

  • Creating issues from app messages, e.g. an email sent to a Teams channel now works

New features

  • The “My request”-view is now available in the Teams JSM customer portal app. This allows your customers to access and interact with their existing requests from Teams. If you already deployed the app to your users, you’ll need to re-download and re-install the app in Microsoft Teams.

  • When scheduling a meeting using our Outlook Meetings for Jira app, we will now post a well-formatted card instead of the long comment to all linked Teams conversations

Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed that parent issues would not load correctly when creating a subtask from Teams

  • Fixed that some issue type or request type icons would not load in Teams

  • Fixed that setting a value for a date time picker would not create the issue

Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed that logging in from welcome card in Teams would not work

Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed that images in channel messages would not load

New features

  • More fields are now supported when creating an issue from Teams: Epic, labels & parent issue (subtasks)

Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed mentioning users in a channel post would not work without switching channels first

  • Fixed channel images would not load sometimes

  • Fixed portal view in Teams would show back button with no function

  • Fixed creating chats from Jira mobile or native Mac app would have “undefined” as title

New features

  • It’s now possible to share a newly created chat with other Jira users. Read more

  • Introducing a new quick create appearance, which will always show a comment-like input box in every issue by default

Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed that users would not be able to access the support portal in Teams when the email address contains uppercase letters

  • Moved the login to a new system, which works without third party cookies, therefore restoring the login in newer versions of Safari & Firefox

  • Fixed that issues with a very long descriptions could not be posted to Teams

  • Fixed that quoted chat messages would not display correctly in Jira

New features

  • You can now embed the customer portal in Microsoft Teams for your users. Learn more here.

Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed that user suggestions would sometimes not load in chat compose box

  • Fixed that channel images would sometimes not load

New features

  • When starting a chat from Jira, the shared link now points to the customer portal

  • The last selected communication type (chat or channel message) is now the default in the share dialog


  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the app from working in incognito mode in Chrome


  • Cache channel & team list in “Share”-dialog in Jira, to speed up loading times

  • Fixed a login bug, in case local browser storage is not working correctly

  • Fixed that user search (e.g. chat users) would not find users when using Office 365 in hybrid mode

New features

  • Much improved chat support - you can now create new chats from Jira, even with only one participant

  • Users that are involved in the issue (assignee, reporter, …) are now suggested as mentions and recipients

New features

  • It’s now possible to link an existing group chat from Teams

  • You can now un-link channel messages in Jira and create new issues from Teams messages

Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed mentioning users from Jira

  • When mentioning an user in a reply to a card shared from Jira, this user would not get a notification for the mention - this a Teams bug, but we added a temporary workaround - it should now work

  • Fixed an issue where linked channel messages with many (20+) replies would not correctly show up in Jira

Known bugs

  • Currently only the last 20 replies are shown in Jira - we are working on a fix

To keep using the app correctly, you’ll need to update the app in Microsoft Teams, from the teams' settings.

New features

  • Does not require admin rights on Office 365 side anymore - team owner can now install the app

  • Send a message to a single person from the “Share to Teams” dialog

  • Log out in Jira (from the dialog settings menu)

  • Remember last selected channel in Jira

New features

  • Reactions are now shown in Jira (read only for now)

Notable bugfixes

  • Images should now be cropped correctly in Jira (+ downloadable on click)

  • Channel list should now be loading correctly even when you have many teams

New features

  • Add support for Jira Cloud mobile app (view and create conversations)


First Release is here 🚀