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Customer portal in Outlook

Embed your Jira Service Management customer portal in Outlook and let your customers quickly raise new requests without leaving their Outlook.

Please note 📌
The customer portal in Outlook can only be accessed, if the customer portal app is set-up in Microsoft Teams in the first place. Follow steps to set it up correctly.


  • Configuration of customer portal app in Microsoft Teams

  • Works with the classic and new Outlook version (desktop and web)




Go to the “more apps” section in your Outlook.

Click on “Add apps”.


Find customer portal

Use the search function to look for your customer portal and select it.


Pick customer portal

Choose the customer portal you want to access in Outlook.

Click on “Add”.


Access customer portal

The customer is now available in Outlook. Pin it to your sidebar, to have it constantly available.

You’re all set! Start creating tickets now 🙂 Just like you create tickets in MS Teams.

Create support tickets in Outlook


Raise a ticket

Go to your customer portal and select your request type.


Raise a ticket

Fill out the fields.

With the latest version of Microsoft 365 for Jira, Forms are fully supported in your customer portal app (in Teams and Outlook).


Raise a ticket

Create the ticket with a click.


Ticket created

After creating the ticket, a banner is telling you, that it has been successfully submitted.


My request tab

Just like in MS Teams, you get an overview of all (open, resolved) tickets right at a glance.

Click on an issue and even get more details about your ticket.

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