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Create support tickets from Microsoft Teams

Feature overview

Use your Jira Service Management portal in a custom tab in Microsoft Teams!

Let customers create support tickets from Microsoft Teams. The support team sees the requests right in Jira Service Management and can chat with the user within the Jira issue – based on MS Teams chat.


Access the customer portal app

If your admin has installed the customer portal app in Microsoft Teams, you can easily access it in your Teams sidebar.
Pin it to have it constantly available. Choose a Service Desk first to raise a ticket.

Please note: The icon in your sidebar and the choice of service desks in your Microsoft Teams may differ, dependently of the settings and service desks determined by your admin.

Raise & create a support ticket

When selecting a service desk, raise your support ticket just like you know from Jira Service Management.

This is how it looks like in our company.

In our example, you could enter a summary (= title of support ticket) and our app will put a suggestion of related (documentation) articles for you.

Please note: This function is not always available and a company-specific setting.

By agreeing to shift future communication to Microsoft Teams, support tickets can usually be solved quicker and more efficient. Support agents can easily reach out to customers for any kind of questions or to ask for more information via Microsoft Teams chat.

We recommend this!

Check on ticket status in Teams

When all fields are completed, click on “create”. The support ticket is submitted.

Use the my request tab!

Via the “my requests” tab at the top, you can conveniently check on your ticket status right there in Microsoft Teams!

Have all your requests at a glance and access information on them whenever needed.


Click on the issue key of one of your requests and see more details e.g. if the support team has already messaged you back.

You can also cancel the request if the issue no longer exists or you already found a solution on your own.

Check on ticket status in Jira

Alternatively, you can also click on the support ticket link in the information box in the first place (see above) and easily come to your Help Desk in Jira Service Management.

You can check information on the ticket status via your Help Desk in Jira Service Management.

Feature requirements

In order to create support tickets from MS Teams, the following set-up and configuration needs to done:

Jira & Microsoft deployment

  • Jira Cloud, Jira Server & Data Center (Server needs to be publicly available)

  • Microsoft 365 & MS Exchange

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