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Microsoft 365 for Jira

To use the fully integrated experience between Microsoft 365 and Jira, check out our main app Microsoft 365 for Jira.

Welcome to Microsoft 365 for Jira!

Microsoft 365 for Jira is your full-scale integration connecting Jira with your Office tools. Check out the main features below and watch our video to learn about its benefits for your everyday working life.

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Main features

Power-up your Jira issue with Outlook and Teams

Add the functionality of Microsoft 365 to your Jira issue: Work with issue-related Outlook emails, start a Microsoft Teams chat or channel conversation or easily schedule a meeting.

Use Jira features in your Microsoft 365 tools

Access all relevant Jira features with add-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Teams.

Create new issues from emails or Microsoft Teams conversations – and access Jira issue information in your Office tools.

Speed-up ticketing in Jira Service Management

Bundle incoming tickets from Outlook or Microsoft Teams in Jira.

Schedule meetings with your customers or open a Teams chat within the issue. Add your JSM portal to Teams for easy ticketing (Jira Service Management only).

Product FAQ

What kind of features does Microsoft 365 for Jira offer?

Microsoft 365 for Jira offers features in:

  • Jira: Use your Office tools (Outlook Email, Teams, Meetings and To Do) right in Jira.

  • Outlook: The Email feature allows you to connect Jira with your Outlook inbox.

  • Microsoft Teams: Our Teams feature allows you to connect Jira with your Microsoft Teams.

  • Microsoft To Do: Our To Do feature allows you to sync your Jira issues in Microsoft To Do lists.

Does Microsoft 365 for Jira require a Jira user?

Yes, our app requires a Jira user (licensed user) to use all features in Jira, Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft To Do.

However, our customer portal in Teams (when activating the Teams feature) can be used with a customer user (non-licensed) user. Check it out!

What do I need to consider in the set-up process of Microsoft 365 for Jira?

Please follow our set-up instructions of Microsoft 365 for Jira to being able to use its full potential.

Especially our Email and Teams feature require additional configuration from your admins.

Technical requirements

Please check out our technical requirements for Microsoft 365 for Jira.

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