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Follow the links below to find product-related documentation & information on Microsoft To Do for Jira easier in the new Microsoft 365 for Jira space.

(question) Want to learn more on Microsoft 365 for Jira? Go ahead!

Recently, we launched our new Microsoft 365 for Jira app. In this app we now “bundle” all our yasoon Jira apps. Meaning: get one app and enjoy the full power of Microsoft 365 and Jira.

In the admin settings you can individually decide which features you want to use, e.g. toggle Emails and use Jira in your Outlook inbox and write and send emails right from your Jira issue. Check out the app’s features.

Watch our short demo video to get a first impression of Microsoft 365 for Jira:

You want to upgrade to Microsoft 365 for Jira? Follow our guideline!

Curious? Try if for free!

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