Microsoft 365 for Jira comes with a lot of features, not all of which might be useful in every project. Having too many active tools in each and every issue can be distracting, so you have the option to use certain features only for specific projects. By default, all features are hidden/inactive, so you can try them out in a test project first.

Learn more about features available in Jira.

This only affects the visibility of the feature in Jira. You will still be able to access issues from all projects in the Outlook add-in and the Microsoft Teams app.

1. Activate features

The easiest and quickest way to activate a feature is, to start via the “Getting Started” tab in the sidebar of the “Manage Apps” section in your Jira.

There, you can see which features are already configured (activated) or not yet activated (and can be configured in the next step).

If you click on the “activate” button of e.g. the meetings feature, you can decide on the visibility settings afterwards. Choose, if you want to activate the feature in all or just in specific Jira projects.

You can change this setting at any time. So feel free to try out the features in a test project before making them available for everyone.

Before activating a feature, you might need some more information beforehand about its added value and benefits for your team and your everyday work. Scroll down in thee admin settings and watch a short demo video for each feature Microsoft 365 for Jira provides.

2. Manage and view activated features

You want to disable features in your Jira projects or want to add more features to existing or other Jira projects? Go to “Activate features” in your Jira settings sidebar and easily manage the feature availability.

In the “Defaults for all Jira projects” section you can disable or enable certain features.

Go the “Project-specific features” section to decide on project-level which features you want to activate or deactivate again.