With Microsoft 365 for Jira you can use most important Microsoft 365 tools (Emails, Teams, To Do) right in your issue.

If your Jira admin has configured the features for your team in the admin settings, you can start right away.


Chat with your team in Jira

Start a Microsoft Teams conversation right in your Jira issue. Select a Microsoft Teams channel or start a chat. The issue will be linked with the conversation in Microsoft Teams.

Real-time collaboration across tools

The Jira issue and the Microsoft Teams conversation are linked. You can now see all replies from Microsoft Teams in Jira, and the other way around.

Work with your emails in Jira JIRA CLOUD ONLY

Share, read and send emails or whole email conversations in your Jira issue. Enable your team to access Outlook information and stay in the loop: future replies will be automatically shown in Jira, too

Send meeting invitations from Jira

Schedule Outlook or Microsoft Teams meetings right in your Jira issue.

See meeting availabilities or call right away

In your Jira issue, you can easily see whether the user is available for a call right away. It also shows you the next available slots to set up a meeting, even for multiple users and time zones.

Add personal tasks to your Jira issues JIRA CLOUD ONLY

Open Microsoft To Do right in the issue to add personal tasks; they will be pushed to your chosen To Do list instantly