Microsoft 365 for Jira helps you to accelerate your IT support. Watch our demo video and learn how Microsoft 365 for Jira enables you to work even smarter by adding Microsoft Teams and Outlook to your workflows. Resolve tickets more efficiently and document all communication right in your Jira issues.

Sure, IT support teams mainly work in Jira Service Management and support tickets can be raised there.

But, there are many team members natively working in Outlook and Microsoft Teams. So why not enabling them to access JSM features right where they work?

With Microsoft 365 for Jira internal customers can easily raise support tickets in Teams (JSM Cloud only) while the IT support team, on their side, can quickly reach out to them via Teams chat (from the issue).

Moreover, by creating issues based on emails (in Outlook) and sharing whole email conversations to Jira, information is made available for the rest of your IT team. Anyone of your team members can jump on it and clarify on issues in time - all with Microsoft 365 for Jira.

Try it out and convince yourself!


(tick) Effective support ticket management
(Easy access to Jira Service Management)

(tick) Transparent information flows

(tick) Seamless integration in existing work flows

(tick) Independently of preferred tool usage