Only available for Jira Cloud and Microsoft 365 (Office 365).
The feature needs to be activated by your administrator: Configure email sending.

Initiate an email conversation in Jira

1.Send Mail action

To send a new email from within Jira you can do so via our “Send Mail” action button right in your Jira issue (upper bar).

2. Share Email action

Alternatively, you can open the menu in your Jira issue (right hand corner) and start a new email right there (see above screenshot).

3. Related emails panel

Usually, when opening the issue, the related emails panel will appear automatically. If hided, you can open the panel via the menu. If there are not emails shared until then, you can start a new email conversation if desired via the “Send an email” button.

Compose an email

You can now compose your email just like you would in Outlook. When sending the email, you can choose from the sharing options just like in Outlook: see Send & share emails.

The created email can then be seen by all users selected in the sharing options in the related emails web panel (see below).

Related emails web panel

In the Related Emails web panel you can see all emails sent from Jira or shared from Outlook (see send & share emails).


If the whole email conversation was shared (see sharing options), previous emails in the conversation as well as new replies will be visible in Jira. Otherwise only the original email will be shown.


You can take certain actions on a related email, depending, if you are a recipient (To or CC).

Reply all: Reply to all involved persons in the email conversation.

Reply: Only available, if you are a recipient of the email.

Open in Outlook: Only available, if you are a recipient of the email.

Further information as well as the technical reference on shared office items can be found here:

Sharing access to Microsoft 365 items

Detailed explanation of the possible sharing options can be found here:

Sharing Options