With Microsoft 365 for Jira you can use Jira features in your Microsoft Teams channels to e.g. create issues based on Microsoft Teams conversations and much more (see the list below).

If your Jira admin has configured the feature for your team in the admin settings and if your Microsoft 365 admin has installed the Microsoft Teams app, you can start right away.


Discuss issues in Microsoft Teams

Search for and post any Jira issue to a Microsoft Teams channel to discuss it together – you can join the discussion in Jira, too.

Link to a Jira issue

You can link any Microsoft Teams conversation to your Jira issue - even if the conversation already exists.

Create a new Jira issue

Your team lets you know that they are working on a new project? Create a new Jira issue based on a Microsoft Teams conversation and stay on top of your tasks.

Conversational ticketing with Microsoft Teams JIRA CLOUD ONLY

Let customers create support tickets from Microsoft Teams. The support team can stay in Jira Service Management and start a Teams chat right there.

Add a Jira issue comment

There is a major status update? Add this Microsoft Teams message to your Jira comments. We recommend using Jira comments for bigger status updates, new specifications, or any other major information.