With Microsoft 365 for Jira you can use Jira features in your Outlook inbox to e.g. create issues based on your emails, share email conversations to your Jira issue and much more (see the list below).

If your Jira admin has configured the feature for your team in the admin settings and installed the Outlook add-in you can start right away.


Create Jira issues directly in Outlook

Create or update Jira issues quickly with content from your emails. Take over email attachments and text formatting like lists, colors, and tables.

Put Outlook emails in a Jira context

A separate sidebar next to your email lets you easily find related Jira issues of the conversation and displays most relevant issue information like current status, due dates or priorities.

Share email conversations including future replies JIRA CLOUD ONLY

When creating an issue out of an email, you can decide to either share the single email or the whole email conversation including all future replies in the Jira issue – for you or other users to see.

Integrate with Jira Service Management

Open Jira Service Management tickets on behalf of a sender and enable them to track their email request via the Service Management portal.

Add emails to a Jira issue

The email you received contains information you want to add to an existing Jira issue, but you don't remember which one it was? The app suggests an issue, but if you are looking for another one, simply use our advanced search (magnifying glass) and find the issue you were looking for.

Learn more

You want to deep dive into the features and learn more about how to use and implement them?
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