To set-up the email feature of Microsoft 365 for Jira you have to take following steps.

Installation of Outlook add-in

Installing the Outlook add-in is a prerequisite for Microsoft 365 for Jira when activating the email feature.
Learn more about the add-in and who is in charge to install it.

Installation of COM add-in or Office add-in

To use Jira features in Outlook, you’ll need to install an Outlook add-in (see above).
There are two different kinds of Outlook add-in to choose from. Choose the right one and install it.

Application link (Jira Cloud only)

The application link is a secure way to connect your Jira Cloud instance with Outlook.
Learn more on how to create it.

You need help with the setup of Microsoft 365 for Jira? Don’t hesitate to contact us!