Deep dive into Microsoft 365 for Jira. It provides you with a broad selection of features when working in Jira, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams or Microsoft To Do.

Depending on which features the Jira admin has activated users can benefit from a variety of integrations.

Main features

Power-up your Jira issue with Outlook, Teams and To Do

Add the functionality of Microsoft 365 to your Jira issue: Work with issue-related Outlook emails, start a Microsoft Teams chat or channel conversation, easily schedule a meeting or call directly via Teams.

You’re using Jira Cloud? Then you can also add your personal tasks to your Jira issue via Microsoft To Do.

Use Jira features in your Microsoft 365 tools

Access all relevant Jira features with add-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Teams. Create new issues from emails or Microsoft Teams conversations. Access Jira issue information in an Outlook sidebar or in your Teams channel. See your Jira issues in Microsoft To Do (Jira Cloud only).

Speed-up ticketing in Jira Service Management JSM ONLY

Bundle incoming tickets from Outlook or Microsoft Teams in Jira. Schedule meetings with your customers or open a Teams chat within the issue. Add your JSM portal to Teams for easy ticketing.

Features in detail

You’re here for every button? Sure! There’s plenty more to learn about the specific features in each tool here:

Feature differences

Microsoft 365 for Jira is a Jira Cloud-first app - so there are a couple differences between the Jira Cloud app and the version for Jira Server and Data Center. Thriving for feature similarity on all delivery models, there are new features for Server / Data Center on the roadmap.

Also, a few features are only available for Jira Service Management as they solely relate to ITSM.


Jira Cloud

Jira Server / DC

In Jira

See e-mail content to issue in the related email panel

See, send and answer emails & email threads


Start a Teams chat or channel conversation

Start a Teams chat with external or guest users


See meeting availability, schedule a meeting

Call via Teams

Sync issues and add tasks to Microsoft To Do

In Outlook (with add-in)

Create new Jira issues from emails

See related issues to emails

Share email threads to issues


In Teams (with app)

Search, share and discuss Jira issues

Create a Jira issue

Create a support ticket via the build-in JSM-portal

(Jira Service Management only)

(Jira Service Management only)

Join issue-related conversations without needing a Jira user

In To Do

Sync Jira issues in To Do list

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